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Web and Unity 3D Development

At Avangarde, a Romanian software house headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, you will find young, creative and enthusiastic engineers and graphic designers who can help you either as members of your extended team or as full owners of software projects you cannot handle with in-house resources.

While still relatively small in size, we have a strong combined experience in designing and developing solutions for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Web applications and mobile games. Unity 3D, 3D graphics, Web UI/UX, interactivity, mainstream and emerging technologies are all well covered by our specialists.

By choosing Avangarde as your long term partner you will receive expert assistance in shaping ideas for your projects, separating wishful thinking from what is technologically possible, designing solutions, choosing the most appropriate technologies, planning and executing the work. Furthermore, you can rely on us for support and maintenance, as well as consultancy on how to engage your prospects and customers in innovative ways.