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AR application in food retail industry


The customer is membership-only warehouse chain selling a variety of bulk grocery items, electronics & home goods and is the 8th largest U.S. retailer.


The customer requested an AR application that made the shopping experience more fun for the buyers.


Having a lot of particles and animations within the application, while also being able to run it at a target framerate of 60 FPS on a wide range of devices, both on iOS and Android.

Case details

Client name:
400 hours
Unity development

The art department worked on keeping the polygon count as low as possible while still offering the experience the client requested.

Textures for the models were used only when needed, most of the time shader colors being used on the models. Particle effects were created without shadows, reflections or collisions. All animations were optimized to use as few bones and elements as possible.

In order to maintain the 60 FPS target, several things were done. First, the layers for static lighting and dynamic lightning were separated. Then, the draw distance was set for each individual AR model.
The reflection probes were pre-backed and the meshes that use the same material were merged. The textures themselves were compressed platform specific, PVRTC for iOS and ETC for Android.