The founders of Avangarde-Software created the company as a boutique agency specialized in the design and development of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions based on Unity 3D. Since then we have expanded our portfolio to include custom Web applications and mobile games.

One of our most important projects is a digital platform for grocery retailers, project in which our engineers have been involved in front end development.


iOS, Android, HTML5, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Objective C, ARM Assembly, Unity Editor, ASP.Net, Microsoft Visual Studio, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3DS Max Design and Substance Painter are the main technologies, databases and tools that our enginners and designers master.

Of these, Unity 3D, Web front-end technologies and the graphic design tools are the best represented in our projects, which are mainly interactive 3D and entertainment applications.

We chose the Unity platform for our 3D applications due to its excellent multi-platform distribution capabilities. Using this technology we can creat custom solutions for all the popular platforms, including the major Web browsers, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Windows phone, Oculus, Kinect, Eye Trackers, Leap Motion and many others.

Our specialists rely on many other tools for development, project management, art production and quality testing, most of them traditional.


We can work in the project outsourcing, staff augmentation or team extension model, depending on the problem you want to solve and the constraints you are facing.

In the project outsourcing or fixed-price model, the customer sends us well defined specifications for a specific work activity. We control and manage the resources we allocate to the projects, the work methods and processes.

In the staff augmentation model the customer manages our resources, taking responsibility for team selection, continuous improvement and staff_ retention.

In the team extension model we are responsible for managing the team we allocate to the customer, for maintaining it stable and for integrating it with the customer’s internal team. We are also responsible for delivering the work according to the specifications, on time and within budget.


We assist our customers all the way from sketching the project to the support and maintenance stages. In this process we encourage the active involvement of the clients in all the decision making processes and frequent communication among our team members and those of the client. Working in cross-functional, cross-cultural and cross-continental teams is normal at Avangarde, so rest assured your project will run smoothly regardless of your geographic location.

In the project outsourcing or fixed-price model, the customer sends us well defined specifications for a specific work activity. We control and manage the resources we allocate to the projects, the work methods and processes.

In most of our projects we propose the Agile Scrum methodology, which provides us with the right set of tools to adapt continuously to Customer needs and makes shifts in the project's direction easy to handle. Your company can change its mind about the product's feature and address unpredicted challenges at almost anytime during the project's lifetime.

We develop exactly what you need by including your people in the project and letting ideas flow as the product moves along the development lifecycle.


To become a world renowned provider of interactive 3D solutions.


We aim at creating business value for our customers with our design and development of interactive 3D software and Web solutions.



We equally respect all of our stakeholders and by doing so strongly motivate them to support our strategic plans and projects.


By keeping our word, under-promissing and over-delivering, planning for long-term relationships, being flexible and transparent we build trust with all of our stakeholders, who regard us as a reliable long-term partner.


We take full accountability for all our actions and never step back when confronted with unwanted situations. A creative field like ours is full of pitfalls, so expecting not to make any mistakes would be unrealistic. The professional way to deal with such situations is to acknowledge them, make the required adjustments and learn the lesson.

Freedom to Create

We encourage our people to think outside the box, to seek new ways, to develop solutions that push the boundaries of imagination.

Quality & Stability

By relying on highly educated specialists and effective processes we deliver stable solutions of high quality. We also take the necessary steps to ensure team stability by recognizing value and providing our employees with rewarding career opportunities.


We promote close collaboration within our teams, as well as with our customers and partners. This approach helps us overcomes difficult hurdles and grow rapidly our technical, business and managerial know-how.


Protecting our customers' Intellectual Property is one of the main pillars on which we are building Avangarde Software. We provide honest and professional services and thus build mutually beneficial long term relationships.


Obstacles have never scared us away. The more unsurmountable they seem the more obstinately we try to overcome them.

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