Augmented Reality

Pioneering the future of Augmented Reality

Avangarde Software can enhance your customers' perceptions of reality at levels you would not dare to dream. By combining the power of 3D graphics, videos, GPS data, sounds, novel devices and our limitless imagination we can create presentations that will captivate your audience and make your competition green with envy.

Our long term goal is to pioneer the future of augmented reality for enterprises. We will be doing so by developing real-time interactive 3D solutions that span multiple business areas and a considerable range of target markets.

Choose Avangarde Software as your long term partner for AR application development to improve lives and gain market share. The timing is perfect, as the hardware devices required by such applications are becoming capable and affordable and the industry is still young, but already popular and expected to rise rapidly.

At the time we rely only on Unity3D in our Augmented Reality (AR) projects, of which the presentations for top car manufacturers are the most illustrative applications. Based on our experience, Unity 3D is an extremely powerful 3D engine and an easy to user friendly development environment. With it we can create appealing and user friendly interactive applications.

While AR is still in the experimental stage, multinationals like Coca-Cola and DHL are already testing AR for business applications. According to Gartner’s research director Augie Ray AR "is still very nascent as a business tool, but that will change".

Significant business adoption is expected to take years. Take advantage of the time left and work with us until we can enjoy the real harvest.


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