Experience Cluj

Experience Cluj

Experience Cluj in VR

First Virtual Reality application of Cluj: "EXPERIENCE CLUJ"

We developed this app on the basis of a partnership with the Cluj-Napoca City Hall as a contribution to the Centenary of the Great Union and the promotion of the city.

Effective promotion methods are no longer limited to simple static images and the most elaborate videos fail to compete with Virtual Reality applications.

VR as a presentation

Experience Cluj allows the user to have a birds eye view over the city while giving different options for the experience to different users.

This VR application offers tourists or anyone fond of new experiences the chance to make a "live" impression of the atmosphere of a tourist destination (or a specific location) that they can study, visit and inspect without being physically present in that location.

Using special High Tech VR glasses, the user can move in any direction, observing every detail he considers important and attractive.

Experience Cluj: current version

  • 3 unique experiences that allow panoramas of 360º, the "movement" being at a height of about 70 meters, at an average speed of 50 km / h.
  • A visit through the center of Cluj Napoca - made from a winding paragliding to the main attractions of the city
  • A flight on the Feleacu Piste - the “walk” takes place at a height, more precisely from a more unusual lift, which walks over the entire slope in a pleasant winter environment;
  • A race on Cetatuia Hill - the preferred option of those adrenaline-eager, because "action" takes place in a rollercoaster with a worthy path to SF films.

VR as an experience

The design of the application has been specially created to give users the ability to enjoy the most of the city's view, with a sense of stability and security.