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Prime Software Outsourcing from Romania

Focus on your core business and let us worry about product development.

To get from excellent ideas to successful software products you need not only a solid knowledge of the market and expert business people in your team but also access to software developers with a strong technical expertise and a good understanding of your business.

We have been helping companies ranging from startups to large corporations bring their products to market on time and at the expected level of quality.

Outsource to Avangarde the entire development process or only the parts you cannot handle in house.


Product Development, Maintenance and Support

To get your product developed by us you need to work with our specialists on market and product requirements, then turn them into functional requirements. We will propose the most suited technical approach and architecture, considering the requirements available at the time of the proposal and possible adjustments to the product features.

Staying focused on time to market and product quality, we frame the architecture with possible scenarios for product extension in mind. Our goal is to produce flexible, scalable and extensible architectural concepts.

With the architecture ready, we will do the complete implementation of your product until the minimum viable product (MVP) stage, as well as future iterations, if necessary.

Besides development of new products, we can fix bugs for, manage or port your mature product to a better suited platform.

Why Avangarde

First, we understand and pay special attention to confidentiality, intellectual property protection and practices and software quality. In all of our partnership in software development and testing we get a full understanding of the confidentiality and IP protection requirements and implement all the measures required to meet them. Signing with our employees mirror versions of all the IP and data protection we have with our customers helps us keep all the project know-how within Avangarde and minimize the risks of getting valuable project information leak to your competitors.

In addition, we produce quality code faster then most of our local counterparts, aspect that both startups and established business appreciate. If you get involved in the project at the right level, we can guarantee the high quality and short time to market you seek. The quality of our people and processes is the result of following sound and established software development principles and constantly honing our processes. This led to simple and effective software applications that impress their users with friendly and intuitive user interfaces and great features.

Get this valuable experience from Avangarde for less than the cost of an in-house team.


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