What it means to work at Avangarde

What it means to work at Avangarde

Seen from the outside, Avangarde Software looks like any other boutique size software house in Cluj-Napoca. Located in the downtown area, the company’s main office is still small and cozy, with rooms accommodating 2 to 6 people and all it takes to feel at home. What sets Avangarde apart from other companies in its class is the unheard of care of the CEO and owner for the employees; he even orders the treats for them himself every day to make sure the products are of the highest quality.

Like other small to medium sized local IT businesses, Avangarde showcases the mix of flexibility and rigor specific to companies eager to find one or several lucrative niches in which to grow and let the customers drive their processes.

With the niches identified in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and mobile games, Avangarde’s immediate concern is to build the image and reputation of a provider of top quality services and thus expand its business.

While working with the company’s CEO and a few of the employees as an external marketing consultant I felt no pressure at all. People are friendly, relaxed and optimistic and, most importantly, act as a real team if not a big family. They are all ready to think out of the box, experiment new ideas, help each other and play a new computer or sports game. At Avangarde feeling good and making a real difference in the world is more important than growth. We would rather follow our hearts and create groundbreaking solutions than do whatever comes from foreign companies and thus increase the company revenues.

All in all, what I met here is a group of remarkable human beings that help each other, grow together by exchanging the tips and tricks they come by and thus continually increase the quality of the services the company provide and their well being. Envy, grudge and disdain have not grown roots at Avangarde and will most likely never will, as long as the people keep doing what they like.

Helping Avangarde shape its identity and promote its excellent engineers and designers is a real privilege for me.