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Color formulation management software


Our customer is a manufacturer of color measurement and management software and hardware. Their products are involved in a range of industries that touch many of today’s consumer products, including packaging, apparel, footwear, electronics, cosmetics, home furnishings, paint, food and beverage, and construction.


The client wanted a web-based implementation of their paint and color formulation management software. Multiple existing desktop-based solutions were to be integrated into a web platform with a modern user interface. This would enable the company to reach new customers, so end-user feedback was to be taken into account during the design of the UI.


One of our challenges was to ensure that we provide quality work and a reliable solution while keeping up with the pace of a fast-growing project and continuous customer feedback. Based on strong communication with the customer, we implemented the required functionality and continue to support the application with improvements and new features.

Case details

Client name:
Front-end development


Modern User Interface

The user interface implementation follows Material Design principles and provides the required functionality with simple, friendly and easy to use UI elements.

Easy end-user integration

End users can easily set up the product on their systems with fast and easy database replacement and UI customization.

Powerful back-end

The back-end implementation takes advantage of several AWS cloud services to ensure performance, scalability and reliability.


We used React, one of the most popular and supported modern frameworks for our Front-end solution and Express.js for the server solution. These choices helped ensure that there is a large number of mature, tested plugins and integrations for all types of requirements.