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Digital Commerce Platform

Our customer needed a Web and mobile customizable e-commerce solution for grocery stores that includes POS integration, configuration of prepared food, order fulfillment and picking, circulars, recipes, shopping list, digital coupons and loyalty program integration, among others. The client wants an easy way for grocery shoppers to find products and shop online.

For this project, Avangarde has been working on feature implementation on the shopping list, order fulfillment and picking, receipt generation and internal tools to be used by grocery employees.

The collaboration went smoothly due to the excellent synchronization we had with the client and the other development teams involved in the project; our daily calls contributed greatly to this achievement. We also relied on daily internal stand-up meetings to discuss what we did on the previous day, the problems we faced and the plan for the current day. For task and bug management we used Jira.

Case details

Client name:
Confidential, USA
10 software developers