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Electric Bicycle

The client requested a responsive portal to prepare some bike rides and to have a web interface to list information about previous bike rides. The web portal should also give the user the possibility to administrate their own accounts and to administrate a list of bikes and additional devices that they own and register to this portal.

Avangarde worked on the project together with a local IT partner and was in charge with implementing the responsive web portal, doing the integration of back-end calls and developing front-end modules according to the design provided by the end customer. To ensure the success of the project we encouraged frequent communication with our local partner and the final customer, we closely analyzed the competing platforms present on the market and looked for ways to outperform them.

The result of our endeavours is a modern, responsive portal that meets the client’s needs and allows the user to have their own account and administrate their list of devices. It also displays the list of rides the user took or gives the user the possibility to prepare a new ride with the eBike.

For this project, we have been using the Agile methodology with two-week sprints, daily scrum meeting and grooming meeting every 2 weeks. From time to time, one or more persons from our client came to Romania to meet us and discuss the project. Agile iterations, grooming meeting with the client, planning the next iteration, estimation meetings with the team to establish the workload for an iteration, daily scrum meetings joined by the client from time to time and retrospective meetings, where we shared what we learned during the previous iteration are some of the main ingredients of our success in this project.

Case details

Client name:
Confidential Germany
3 developers & 3 QA