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Web-based tool for workforce management


Our customer operates as a software company that provides workforce management solutions. Their tool enables customers to plan the utilization of right resources at the right time and for the right job.


The client wanted a web-based approach to their workforce Management software. The requirement was to rewrite the old app using new frameworks and implement a more user-friendly design, based on the feedback received from the customers and consultants.


One of our challenges was to ensure that we provide quality work and a reliable solution while keeping up with the pace of a fast-growing project and continuous customer feedback.

Based on a strong communication with the customer, we succeeded to rewrite the whole application using front-end frameworks and to deliver new features in a very short period of time.

We strived to add improvements to the old features without changing their flow and without affecting the end customer.

Case details

Client name:
6 months
Front-end development


Simple and Intuitive User Interface

The user interface is simple, friendly and creates transparency and overview throughout the whole organization. The solution we provided requires no prior training as all functions are easy to use.

Interactive display

The app gives a personal overview of status on all the user’s activity, by providing dynamic statistics and illustrative graphs which can be set up according to individual needs.

Easy client side integration

Individual web-parts in the application are perfect for integration with any company’s intranet. Each web-part can be displayed on the intranet so that you avoid using different portals internally.

Front-end Framework

We used Angular as Front-end framework and Javascript Redux, a tool which is suitable for these kind of apps.