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Digital transformation in a world of clouds. What would this look like for your organization?

Digital transformation in a world of clouds. What would this look like for your organization?

Organizations can embrace the potential of cloud to generate new business models and support competitive advantage. Leveraging the cloud is a key point of differentiation in driving business value and success.

Cloud capabilities are radically changing the competitive business landscape by providing a new platform for creating and delivering added value to customers. New technology and social connectivity trends are increasing opportunities, enabling cloud to create new and flexible operating models, customer relationships and industry value chains.

Organizations must move quickly to embrace the advantages of cloud enablement that will give them the skills to compete in a dynamic and changing world.

But the journey can be difficult and expensive.


How can your organization begin its cloud journey?

When going Digital, start with the Foundation

There are many options in the path to a cloud environment, but the first step to any digital initiative is having a clear understanding of the destination ahead. This will help you optimize the performance, cost, and risk associated with your new cloud environment and will lead to great results.

Identifying your business architecture, needs, and regulatory constraints will shape your cloud strategy and help you define and implement pragmatic approaches to cloud operation.

By now, you’ve got an idea of the problems you’re solving and the technology that’s going to fulfil that, and how you’re going to implement that technology in your organization.

It’s essential to understand how different technologies will technically integrate and work together, but more importantly whether you are creating more of overhead by managing each one separately.

When trying to manage across multiple areas of expertise, you may end up with technologies and capabilities that address different problems, hence entering the world of multi-cloud. A cloud strategy can help you move faster on your digital transformation goals.

Don’t worry about trying to be an expert in all these technologies, because you can’t be.

This is where you’re going to need a trusted partner that can support you to implement the multi-could strategy for your business.


How to build a successful cloud strategy with a trusted IT partner?

Avangarde Software helps you manage cloud implementation so you can take advantage of the benefits of cloud technologies faster and more effectively.

Our Portfolio of Cloud Computing Services includes:

Strategy & Consulting Services

Application transformation

  • Strategy roadmap
  • Operational cost reduction

Application Development Services

  • Developing, customizing and migrating applications
  • Build and integrate applications on the public or on-premise cloud such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Pivotal, Azure, Google Cloud

Maintenance and Security Services

  • Performance optimization
  • Security and Risk assessment
  • Data protection

Monitoring Services

  • Cloud-based application monitoring
  • Ensure cost-efficient monitoring of your cloud instances
  • Setting up personalized alerts

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Crafting a cloud strategy and finding the right mix for your business

Successful cloud implementation requires an integrated view of all aspects that will be impacted by the initiative, including people, processes, and technology. Defining and building an effective cloud environment can transform your business, speed product delivery, and reduce costs.

Using a cloud methodology that addresses business requirements, aligns with regulatory constraints, and optimizes performance, cost, and risk delivers:

  • Accelerated speed to market.

Your ideas into marketable products and services faster. Our team plays an essential role in creating new, revenue-generating customer services. Enter new markets with innovative business models, provide business value and respond more quickly to changing customer demands.

  • Increased scalability. The infrastructure allows your business to respond to dynamic demand for services.

Avangarde Software as a trusted partner, your company will have a scalable, standardized cloud architecture to deliver transparency, reliability, and automation.

  • Cost-effective.

Budgets are tiered and assessed to accurately reflect your requirements and usage, leveraging the most cost-effective cloud services for your workload. With greater use of the fundamental infrastructure, all applications run more efficiently.

  • Reduced operating risks.

Reliability and security are our main concerns for you. Integrated with intelligent automated management, cloud implementations can protect sensitive information and offer secure data replication.

Embrace the cloud as part of a targeted, structured and effective program of your digital transformation

Partnering with Avangarde Software will ensure multiple solutions to protect your virtualized workloads across your cloud environment and will remove a lot of the management burden, contractual and commercial risk of your organization.