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Are offices obsolete?

Long after the pandemic, a considerable number of office spaces are sitting half empty and are no longer being used to their full potential.

With the shift to hybrid work, the workplace today is evolving into a very different environment from that of the past and it has also highlighted just how crucial offices are to company identity and employees’ sense of mental wellbeing and belonging.

Whilst there is no doubt home working is here to stay, flexibility is key: employees want options and flexibility of choice, so we tried to find solutions to satisfy their unique needs while keeping health and safety a top priority.

The future of the office is bright, but it’s different.

And it offered us an opportunity to reimagine the office and coworking space.

.hub by Avangarde Software

We wanted to change the model of how our workplace accommodates colleagues who have to work in the office, or who need to come to the office for special meetings and dedicated collaborative projects.

.hub by Avangarde wants to be the fresh concept of workspace, a dedicated meeting centre where discussions are productive and collaborative, encouraging communication and the strengthening of professional relationships. We created a working space that is positive and joyful.

Rather than an office space primarily made up of rows of desks and chairs acting as fixed workspaces for each employee, the hub is much more agile and flexible. Offering more choice to employees, the hub is less formal and supports creativity and innovation.

The hub acts as the central part of our company’s culture, the heart of activity for a business and an environment that brings team members together in a physical space.

No matter how successfully people can work from home, nothing can replace the social connection that takes place within the office, and the hub environment will only enhance this further.

Sustainable work-life balance

The productiveness and pleasure of seeing colleagues and face-to-face interactions with clients should not be underestimated. Nor should the chance of dialogues that we would never think of inaugurating a skype call for and help to defuse tension after a difficult meeting or spark an idea that fuels the next project.

We always encouraged an office environment that allows colleagues to talk to each other without having to pick up a phone or type an email.

This approach is not only beneficial to a company’s bottom line, but it has been proven that flexible working increases productivity, profitability, and employees’ work-life balance.

Adapting our workspace to the hub concept will support the future of hybrid working and enhance the employee experience going forward. Doing this will enable employees to work creatively and productively through a workspace designed to support all of the activities and personalities within a business.

Take a look at our new workspace.

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